Law and Community United in Purpose

Making a Difference in Legal Services, Local Communities, and Charitable Ventures.


Committed to the Legal Community

Our reputation is not just built on the cases we handle but on our deep unwavering ties to our legal community.  Whether through our positions with state and local bar associations, our close connection with local powerhouse law schools, or our service on countless non-profit boards, our attorneys share their knowledge and expertise as mentors, speakers, coaches, board members, and leaders in the community.

Community Champions

With over $4,328,308 in donations to local community organizations, Bailey Cavalieri is not just a legal firm; we are an integral part of the Ohio community fabric. Through partnerships with 200+ Central Ohio organizations, we have paved a path for community growth, empowerment, and success.

Community Champion
United Way

Two Decades of Continuous Giving

Our dedication to the United Way has never wavered. With 100% participation in 20 years of annual campaigns and over $2 million in contributions, Bailey Cavalieri stands steadfast in its commitment to driving positive societal change.

Going Beyond Monetary Contributions

Our commitment to the community extends beyond financial contributions. With over 16,386 pro bono hours clocked, Bailey Cavalieri’s attorneys have touched countless lives, offering legal expertise to those who need it most and ensuring justice is accessible to all.

Going Beyond

Our Charitable Footprints

Through continuous support, donations, and hands-on volunteering, Bailey Cavalieri has carved out a legacy of charitable commitment. We pride ourselves on forging long-lasting partnerships that drive genuine impact, helping organizations achieve their mission and communities to thrive.

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