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Our Business Litigation Practice Group possesses the full range of capabilities to meet the litigation needs of the firm’s sophisticated business clients.

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John Marsh Addresses Avoiding Costly Litigation in Latest Blog Post:

Another Idea for Improving the Defend Trade Secrets Act: Providing an "Off Ramp" to the Plaintiff Who Wants to Avoid a Costly Litigation In a post last year, I proposed a solution for a recurring problem in trade secret litigation–namely,... Read More

Cutting through the Noise: What Your Business Needs to Know About the FTC’s Proposed Rule to Ban Non-Compete Agreements

Kicking the New Year off with an unpopular bang, the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) announced a Proposed Rule in January 2023 that would broadly ban non-compete agreements between employers and their workers. (The proposed rule is available at: (issued... Read More

Anatomy of a Phyrric Victory: Did Defendant Goodyear Tire and Plaintiff CODA Development Both Lose a $65 Million Trade Secrets Case?

Last week, a jury hit Goodyear Tire & Rubber with a $65 million verdict in a trade secrets case in Akron presided over by U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Ohio Judge Sara Lioi. On its face, one... Read More

3 Ways to Avoid Litigation When Hiring an Employee from a Competitor

When hiring an employee from a competitor, the last thing a company wants is to be embroiled in litigation accusing it of hiring the employee to steal that competitor's customers or trade secrets. As a result, the process of "on-boarding"... Read More

Why Companies Should Refrain from Opening Personal Email Accounts of Employees or Former Employees

Employers may be tempted to access an employee’s or former employee’s personal email account (an email account used by the employee that was not provided by the employer), particularly after an employee accessed the personal account on a device provided... Read More

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