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Our business Real Estate group provides sophisticated and general business, tax and real property advice relating to alternative methods of owning, financing and operating the various components of a real estate project for corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, trusts, financial institutions, and individuals. Representation of our client usually continues throughout the project’s life, from acquisition to development equity infusion, construction, construction financing, leasing and management, permanent financing, refinancing and disposition.

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James Groner

Practice Group Chair

Adam Biehl


Christian Gillikin


Kimberly Land


John Miller


Practice Insights

Bonuses for Businesses: Trump’s TCJA Incentivizes Real Estate Activity

As President Donald Trump promised, his Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (the “TCJA”) initiated an overhaul intended to simplify an otherwise arduous tax code. Businesses benefited in a number of ways beyond the celebrated reduction in the corporate tax rate.... Read More

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