Our goal is to have a smart, customized legal plan for every client.

Our strength is preventing problems before they happen.

Our belief is that we should always put clients first by delivering the services they need in a consistently superior way.

Our commitment is to remain invested in our clients and in our community.

While every client relationship is unique, there is one component that every relationship needs to be successful--trust. We know it's vital. We also know it's not automatic. So we earn trust through open, honest communication and a commitment to keep every client updated and informed.

Our approach is simple. We pursue every assignment and opportunity with precision. We assign the appropriate resources to the task. We collaborate. We share our experience and intellectual capital with each other. And, without fail, we make our clients' goals our goals.

The cost of legal services is always a consideration. We understand this as clearly as you do. Our expertise and experience deliver an outstanding value through efficiency and by staffing matters appropriately. We view every client relationship as an investment. An investment that provides our clients with an excellent return.

Our Philosophy

There are many factors to consider when choosing a law firm – and there are many firms from which to choose. The key to the decision-making process is selecting a firm that's the right fit for you and your goals. With that in mind, know this. Our attorneys are committed to building personal client relationships by providing innovative and practical solutions. However, it's more than what we do. It's how we do it. We strive to:

1. Be Responsive

We return phone calls and emails promptly, remain accessible around the clock, and meet or beat deadlines.

2. Communicate

We keep clients informed, listen to their expectations, communicate frequently, clearly and concisely, and understand their businesses.

3. Focus on Solutions

We help find practical solutions and look for innovative ways to reach objectives in an ethical, professional manner.

4. Be Cost-Effective

We provide efficient, but thorough, services, while remaining mindful of costs at all times.

5. Charge Fairly

We generate accurate invoices and make sure that charges are reasonable.

6. Be Responsible

We take ownership of the services we provide, by identifying and correcting problems quickly, and always accepting responsibility for any mistakes.

7. Be Courteous

We treat clients as we would like to be treated, remaining courteous and positive, and always appreciative of our clients' trust.

Our Commitment

We are proud to have a culture of actively supporting our community. Whether that support is coming from Bailey Cavalieri as a firm, or from our attorneys, paralegals, and staff as individuals, it is a level of engagement that is not often seen among other firms. We are honored to serve our community through charitable, civic, educational, and pro bono activities. For us, it is not an obligation as a business, but rather our desire as individuals.

Each year, we support dozens of social service organizations with gifts totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars. In addition, we also give our time, including service on numerous boards of directors.


Our History


While Bailey Cavalieri was formed in 2003, our lineage can be traced back more than 100 years. Built on the foundation of a large, national law firm, we have the experience and resources to handle the most complex and sophisticated matters with the efficiency and responsiveness of a local, mid-size law firm.


Our History


All forty lawyers who formed Bailey Cavalieri LLC in 2003 previously practiced together as the Columbus office of the national law firm of Arter & Hadden LLP. Founded in Cleveland in 1843, Arter & Hadden LLP was the oldest law firm west of the Allegheny Mountains. At its peak, it had nearly five hundred lawyers in multiple offices throughout the country.


Our History


When Arter & Hadden LLP dissolved in 2003, the Columbus lawyers founded Bailey Cavalieri LLC with a goal of building a lasting institution based on the principles of excellence in practicing law and serving clients. The firm thrived in an environment where collegiality, team-building, fairness and mutual support were paramount.


Our History


Bailey Cavalieri LLC also has deep roots in Central Ohio. The earliest predecessor law firm was Knepper & Wilcox, which started in Columbus in 1923. As that firm grew it changed its name to Knepper, White, Richards & Miller and merged into Arter & Hadden in 1977.